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Leo February Horoscope Predictions - The first two weeks of February will see you, the Leo connecting with your friends and loved.

Time will fly by as they share their greatest passions with each other, whilst discovering a few new ones along the way. Even when these two are having problems, it can be a very different story when it comes to the bedroom. They have a powerful natural sexual chemistry and together can be kinda wild.

For all of their raw passion however, their sex can sometimes feel somewhat detached and unemotional. That said, they sure do have fun though! Successful marriages between the Aries and Aquarius can be rare because truth be told, many relationships fizzle out before any talk of wedding bells.

If they can nurture that same free-going, fun-loving spirit that made them fall in love with each other in the first place they can even make it last for life!

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Where they may encounter turbulence… Whilst short-term romances between Aries and Aquarius are common and relatively problem-free, longer-term relationships can reveal some personality clashes that may cause problems as they go on. Aries and Aquarius sexual compatibility… Even when these two are having problems, it can be a very different story when it comes to the bedroom. Aries and Aquarius marriage compatibility… Successful marriages between the Aries and Aquarius can be rare because truth be told, many relationships fizzle out before any talk of wedding bells. Aries think that they are compronising and sacrificing with us.

This relationship needs more understanding. Its been difficult As I am a very opinionated person as well as him. Great to my kids and works hard. Its just to much. Am a female Aquarius with a female aries and he is the best i had so far he is very understanding very good dad working and a very good coach in my dreams and in the bedroom he is wonderful.

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Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator. How Compatible Are You? Your Details are Never shared. Your Astromatcha Score. Ann June 24, Jen July 17, Nee April 18, Deannia June 15, This is really hard on Aquarius personalities who, even though they have a childlike nature, tend to be very prophetic, keen, and intuitive. Aries like to do the chasing; Aquarius likes being the listener. A traditional male Aries and a traditional female Aquarius will enjoy this dynamic unlike any other. Aries is a very physical sign; they like to have lover's quarrels, but they need to soften with Aquarius, who can be put into a state of panic with too much conflict.

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Aquarius needs to be open to Aries' learning style to push conflict forward to resolve it. One of the benefits of this relationship is the power of manifestation. The Aries brings out the best in Aquarius, and the Aquarius helps bring peace to Aries.


Aquarius Sexual Compatibility: Inventive and Unemotional In Bed

Aries trains Aquarius to be a better peaceful warrior in the world, while Aquarius reminds Aries that there's more to the world than war—there is also the garden, the magical, and the fantastical. Aquarius men will be fiercely protective of their Aries partner's capacity to make things happen. The ram craves the manifestation of their goals and dreams. This is why it's the first zodiac.

Aquarius is all about finding the truth, making sure the world is genuine, for the ultimate goal of peace. Aries aligned with Aquarius helps manifest peace, creative accomplishment, and strength. The zodiac is all about lessons on love—Aries and Aquarius help manifest that with their internal goals. Together, the two will feel more alive and more capable of accomplishing their desires. Aries will push Aquarius to be a better person in the end, and procrastination will turn into productivity. Age isn't going to matter as much in this relationship—the Aquarius may end up being younger at least in spirit , with the Aries acting as a mentor.

These two will do well to be original, eccentric, and sarcastic with each other.


Air signs are automatically sarcastic, partly as a way to psychologically defend themselves against powerful emotions; sarcasm is a way to buffer those emotions. Aries can have sarcastic traits as well. This is comforting to Aquarians who want someone to defend them from the world and its harshness. Both of these zodiacs can be impartial, but they also have powerful emotions.

Anyone who tells you a zodiac is without emotion isn't seeing the full picture. Aquarius is like Jean Grey; they stay in this peaceful, mind-reading zone—but as they absorb emotions, they eventually turn into the mover and shaker, the Phoenix. Aries, too, is an emotionally absorbent personality. They take in what they can, quickly start experiencing really biting and sassy emotions, and can suddenly turn into the thunder of the sky. These two can help matters by making it clear that they are comfortable with each other.

Playing mental games can help them relax. Focus on trying new things and opening up how you can be vulnerable. More vulnerability will glue these two together. And joke around! You would do well to make witty banter. Aries will have a hard time ever getting bored by an Aquarius. Remember: Aquarius doesn't put passion first, but friendship.

Don't become impatient as a fire sign with an Aquarius. Aquarius needs your attraction to them to be consistent, but they need to test the waters of friendship first.

Aries Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

This can be a challenge to understand since Aquarius has an army of friends, so you may have questions about how a platonic friendship can turn into a romantic relationship. If Aquarius feels things are happening too fast, they will question what they are doing and may be scared off. Aquarius is a strongly existential soul. Aries will need to be careful not to get too pushy with Aquarius. There will be times that Aquarius has to cycle through their personalities, and they may have to move around their energy to focus on something more internal—meaning their creative output into the world slows down.

This can be hard on an Aries who puts pressure on the Aquarius to be more outside their head in order to help the planet overall. But the Aquarius has a lot to look through internally from their own experiences in the relationships that matter to them. They may also be dealing with unresolved energy from their childhood.

Worst Matches

The more understanding and warm Aries can be to Aquarius, the better. Sometimes Aquarian energy slows. Sometimes Aries energy speeds up. Be sensitive to each other's energy needs, and know when to take some time and space apart. The worst thing you can do to an Aquarius is go cold. They really don't understand mixed signals or why they would suddenly be shut out. They will think something is wrong if you're freezing them out, perhaps worrying that they are too weird for you. This, ironically, is a big reason why Aquarius can have commitment issues.

They are afraid if they get close to you, they'll suddenly be shut out, which would be far worse than never being in love in the first place. They need openness, not confusion. Let them know it's not them when something is wrong, and you'll give them relief. Aquarius can be a tough catch but can also ignore their sexual side in many circumstances.

Aries and Aquarius

Scorpios cause a certain sexual awakening in Aquarius that makes them realize how much they long for a connection. Aries—another passionate zodiac—can have this power on the Aquarius as well, but they need to make it clear that they are attracted to the Aquarius. Seeing someone be interested in them will help them open up and express their sexuality. Aquarius personalities often prefer someone to chase them—this zodiac is intuitive and can sometimes have premonition-like moments out of their control since them leading can be confusing for others.

They have moments where they zone out to understand the world better than they did previously. An Aquarius can be a chaser if it wills itself to be, but you'll need to put in a lot so they don't collapse. These two will have a relationship that manages itself well. Aries will enjoy the strange, creative things Aquarius can bring to the table, and Aquarius will enjoy Aries' ability to stay committed. Aquarius doesn't just want emotional vulnerability or passion between the sheets; they want someone loyal who will last, who will accept them for their eccentricities.

This is why an Aries fits the bill with Aquarius with ease. Aries doesn't scare the Aquarian psyche.